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Cenergistic Client Featured in National Campaign

Cenergistic client Stockton City Unified School District is being featured by the U.S. EPA’s ENERGY STAR national Certification Nation campaign for its successful efforts to reduce energy use. The school district had 44 buildings earn ENERGY STAR certification in 2014.

The Certification Nation campaign is encouraging organizations and business to earn ENERGY STAR certification for their buildings in 2014 to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the first ENERGY STAR certification of a commercial building.

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Energy costs were rising at Stockton Unified School District. The team there had always worked diligently to ensure its operational infrastructure was energy efficient. However, they knew that  knew that to really get control of rising costs, they had to change staff perceptions about energy use.

Led by energy specialists Monique Orr and Gilbert Rosa, the district took on a behavioral change management program. Since implementing the program, the district has seen an 18% reduction in energy use. Plus, virtually all its district buildings earned ENERGY STAR certification in 2014. But you won’t catch this district sitting on its laurels. They’re now starting the process of creating a Green Team of staff from across the district to continue to identify ways to save energy. “Conserving energy is no longer a task for us, it is part of what we do on a daily basis,” said Gina Hall, principal at Rio Calaveras Elementary School.

The City of Macon, Georgia

ENERGY STAR certified buildings tend to get all the glory, but many types of buildings aren’t eligible. Take parking garages. They’re ubiquitous and many of them are outfitted with older lighting systems. Just because they can’t earn the ENERGY STAR (and can’t help their owners join the Certification Nation), doesn’t mean that they can’t pack a powerful one-two punch for the environment and the bottom line. For example, the City of Macon Georgia owns and operates a 50-year-old public parking deck that had old, inefficient high-pressure sodium lighting. In late 2013, Consensus Energy retrofitted this lighting system with high efficiency T8 and LED lights with motion and daylight controls.  This system lowered the City’s energy consumption and cost by over 70 percent! The retrofit also improved the look of the facility and lowered maintenance cost, too. In this photo, Georgia state rep. Nikki Randall, Steve O’Neil of Consensus Energy, Ray Segars of Consensus Energy, and Macon Mayor Robert Reichart celebrate the project’s innovation award. Now the city has set its sights on other improvements to public buildings, with the hope of earning EPA’s ENERGY STAR in the process.

Principal Real Estate Investors

When Principal Real Estate Investors became an ENERGY STAR Partner in 2009, many viewed it as a natural extension of the company’s focus on sound property operations. However, the team at Principal Real Estate Investors saw a greater opportunity to cultivate a competitive advantage and create value for clients and investors. In short order, they signed on to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI), oversaw the launch of the first closed-end “green” value-add strategy, and ramped up sustainability efforts across its investor-owned properties.

Now formalized under the Pillars of Responsible Property Investing initiative, Principal Real Estate Investors has a unique platform to guide its property management partners and internal staff on strategic energy efficiency efforts. “The key to this platform is what we call ‘Property Performance’,” notes Jennifer McConkey, Director of Operations & Sustainability at Principal Real Estate Investors. “It’s the daily pursuit of improved financial and environmental performance at each of our properties, and leveraging those accomplishments to better serve our tenants, communities, and investors.”

The results are showing already. To date, Principal Real Estate Investors’ portfolio has over 50 ENERGY STAR certified buildings, with a 10% reduction in energy consumption and a cumulative savings of over $16 million over the past few years. The Principal Real Estate Investors team recently piloted two new initiatives as part of improving property performance, including a lighting retrofit campaign in Texas that is changing over 4,400 exterior lights, and a property assessment pilot program to identify high-impact energy-savings opportunities across 35 properties. Both of these programs are expected to reap an additional $2.5 million dollars in annual energy savings upon completion. “We’re just beginning to hit our stride, and we can expect even greater success with these programs in the years to come,” adds Jennifer.


Premier MemberTIAA-CREF has long believed that energy management acts as a proxy for and a driver of real estate investment performance. A long-time ENERGY STAR

Partner, TIAA-CREF has the big numbers to back up that belief. They’ve saved more than $75 million in energy and water costs, certified over 18 million square feet of office space as ENERGY STAR, reduced portfolio-wide energy consumption by nearly 20%, and avoided more than 400,000 MtCO2e. And in recognition of those accomplishments, TIAA-CREF has earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year awards for energy management in 2008 and 2009, as well as ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence awards in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

But they haven’t stopped to rest on their laurels. Understanding that energy efficiency results from continuous improvement, the TIAA-CREF team has established internal management processes, business decision-making criteria, and standard operating procedures to ensure improvement every year.

Nick Stolatis, Senior Director of Global Sustainability & Enterprise Initiatives, notes: “We take our fiduciary responsibility to our investors very seriously, and saving energy and cultivating more competitive and valuable buildings helps us fulfill those obligations.”

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