About Us

Cenergistic builds customized, comprehensive people-based energy conservation programs that help organizations reduce their consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, and water, allowing the financial savings which result to be invested in the lives of the people our clients serve, not utility companies. Our clients are school districts, universities, community colleges, and large churches that share a common commitment to fiscal and social responsibility, and the wise use of limited financial and environmental resources.

Our company was founded by businessman and former school board member Dr. William S. Spears, who was trying to solve a problem for his home district where his children were attending school.

After spending the better part of two years reseraching the dynamics of people-based consumption, Dr. Spears implemented a radically new approach to reducing energy consumption in his home district. The approach focused on changing human behavior, because people, not buildings, use enegy. The results were so positive and so unusual the district received state and natinoal recognition. Nearby districts began asking for help, which led Dr. Spears to start the company, Energy Education, Inc.

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