At Lachat Farm: Weston plans to put energy conservation award to work

Weston Lachat

By Kimberly Donnelly on June 7, 2013 —

Thanks to reward dollars earned by Weston’s participation in the three-year Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge (N2NEC) initiative, the restoration project at the town-owned Lachat Farm is getting extra support.

Residents’ participation in the initiative earned the town $4,362.

With its 40-plus acres, a 1770 farmhouse and a dedicated group of volunteers, the farm is on the path to becoming a teaching center and a local food-producing CSA (community-supported agriculture) site.

On Saturday, June 8, at 10 a.m., town leaders, members of the Friends of Lachat, and the general public will gather in the barnyard at the Lachat Farm on Godfrey Road West for an N2NEC award ceremony.

The ceremony, open to the public, will salute the work and aspirations of community volunteers.

Friends of Lachat board member Ellen McCormick and Weston Sustainability Committee Chairman Deirdre Doran expressed great satisfaction that Weston’s achievements in advancing home energy efficiency through the Neighbor to Neighbor Energy Challenge have been rewarded in a way that supports the renewal of local agriculture.

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