Kokomo Schools earns ‘Energy Excellence Award’

Kokomo School Corporation received the “Energy Excellence Award” from Cenergistic Regional President Mike Bitar for gross savings of $4,027,672 in energy efficiencies since the energy conservation program began in February 2010.

Cinergistic officials noted that Kokomo Schools has achieved more than $4 million in cost savings during the 40 months since a strategic alliance was formed between the school district and the national energy conservation company. After corporation expenditures, Kokomo School corporation officials recognized more than $2.6 million in net savings.

In a press statement, Chairman and Founder of Cenergistic, Dr. William Spears, thanked the School Board, Superintendent Dr. Jeff Hauswald, and Energy Specialist Robert McIntire for creating an atmosphere of cooperation.

“I am extremely pleased to present the Kokomo School Corporation with this Energy Excellence Award,” Dr. Spears stated. “The Kokomo district joins a very committed group of organizations across the country working hard to achieve energy savings so the dollars saved can be directed to educational needs.”

Board President Joe Dunbar noted that the millions of dollars saved from the energy savings program has made a difference.

“These savings have made it possible for the Kokomo School Corporation to accomplish many objectives, which otherwise would have been delayed or abandoned,” Mr. Dunbar explained. “The district’s initiatives in professional development, student services, capital improvements, and curriculum change all have been impacted by these savings.”

As part of this energy efficiency program, Kokomo Schools Energy Specialist (Mr. McIntire) tracks energy consumption, including electricity, water, sewer, natural gas and fuel oil, by using energy-accounting software provided by Cenergistic. By tracking consumption and analyzing energy use, Mr. McIntire can identify, and correct, areas that need better conservation and management practices.

“This award recognizes the benefits of our team effort at Kokomo Schools to conserve energy,” Mr. McIntire explained. “All the small things the staff members do to reduce wasted energy, combined with the monitoring and bigger changes that most of our employees are not even aware of, add up to significant savings.”

Mike Wade, Kokomo Schools Director of Operations, noted that Mr. McIntire has worked very hard to help the school corporation be in a position to save money.

“Robert’s planning and organizational efforts often times go unnoticed,” Mr. Wade explained. “However, these savings are very important to the district, and Mr. McIntire needs to be commended for the way he leads this initiative.”

Utilizing the district’s resources efficiently to provide appropriate learning environments in Kokomo’s schools also means huge environmental benefits. Cenergistic study results show that during the 40-month partnership, the production of 35,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions was prevented at Kokomo Schools, and Cenergistic officials noted that figure is equivalent to planting and growing 892,479 tree seedlings for 10 years.

Superintendent Hauswald cited the energy savings as truly significant.

“The hard work of our staff members in reducing energy use is highly commendable and the savings are allowing Kokomo Schools to maximize its very limited fiscal resources,” Dr. Hauswald said. “Congratulations to all who have made a difference in this endeavor.”

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