LSC parents get help on book bills thanks to energy savings

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Energy savings for the Lafayette School Corporation bring savings for elementary school parents this fall.

The school board voted to cut book rental rates for the upcoming school year by $8.75 for kindergarten and $11.75 for first through fourth grades. The high ability first grade students at Edgelea get an even more dramatic cut of $14.65.

Superintendent Les Huddle said the district is using $100,000 of energy savings to pay for the fee cuts.

As News 18 has already reported, the district saved $238,000 in its first six months of using an energy conservation company called Cenergistic.

Huddle said it’s good to pass the savings onto parents.

“This is money that while it’s not a big savings for them, it’s something. We want to contribute to that opportunity for them,” said Huddle. “So, we’re excited about that.”

Huddle estimates there are about 500 students per grade level. The projected savings are based on a parent paying the full price for book rental. Because of the free and reduced lunch program, the actual savings per student will vary.

Monday, the board also set its first meeting to discuss the responses from its task force which looked at the district’s looming overcrowding problem. That discussion will begin Monday, July 21 at 7 p.m.

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