NPS savings top $1 million

NORMAN — Days before Norman Public Schools’ energy efficiency program wraps up its third year, the district’s savings from the program has topped the $1 million mark.

Savings are calculated by the cost avoidance to the district because of reduced electricity and water usage and higher efficiency.

With June 2014 numbers not included in the program-to-date tally, the district has saved $1,013,407 since initiating the program in July 2011.

The savings are even more impressive considering the district initiated extensive construction and bond projects the same year it began the program. The program is made possible through a partnership with Dallas-based Cenergistic, previously named Energy Education.

“We are very pleased with how this program has progressed and the savings it has made possible,” said Superintendent Dr. Joe Siano. “We have added thousands of additional square footage and experienced a very harsh winter and two harsh summers since starting the program. Yet we still have achieved extraordinary savings in cost avoidance, and this gives us more dollars for the classroom.”

NPS energy coordinator Jerry Privett said the program includes energy-savings habits by faculty, staff and students, and also in facility and equipment updates that optimize efficiency.

“We are actually using less electricity now than we were three years ago, before the 2009 classroom additions and before we built Ronald Reagan Elementary,” Privett said. “That wouldn’t have been possible if we had not had support and meaningful buy-in for the program from all of the principals and faculties of each school.”

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