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Superintendent offers end-of-year notes

The 2016-17 school year is over, and it ended with a bang! The Nordonia High School Class of 2017 earned more than $7.6 million in scholarships and completed more than 13,000 hours of community service.

By DR. JOE CLARK Superintendent of Schools Published: June 14, 2017 12:00 AM

The 2016-17 school year is over, and it ended with a bang! The Nordonia High School Class of 2017 earned more than $7.6 million in scholarships and completed more than 13,000 hours of community service.

The eighth annual NHS Superintendent’s Awards were presented at a banquet on May 23 to students who scored a 4.0 GPA over seven semesters of high school and the Nordonia staff members who were most influential in their educational careers. This is always such an incredible night and a time to validate all the hard work Nordonia staff does and the importance of developing strong relationships with students. It is also important to note that not just teachers were honored; some students chose secretaries, coaches, and club advisors as their most influential staff member, reminding us that we all have the ability to impact a child, regardless of our position.

Congratulations to the following students honored: Walid Abuhashim, Melissa Bleich, Danielle Bobay, Justin Bobby, Sydney Bostjancic, Karl Breimaier, Briana Brooks, Danielle Cardinal, Samuel Chaffee, Matthew Chilton, Abigail Creque, Edward Crockett, Hunter Daniachew, Jalyn Dickens, Allison Endrulas, Samuel Fujikawa, Emily Greenwood, Alyssa Grismer, Nichole Hamrick, Gabrielle Harget, Daniel Heiser, Macey Hill, Emma Imrie, David Johnson, Marisa Johnson, Rachel Kidd, Isabel Knapp, Rachel Kopniske, Emily Lam, Nicholas Lastovka, Marisa Lippian, Christian Mammana, Ariana Mason, Elizabeth McRitchie, Kaitlin Mulhall, Alec Pajek, Natalie Pastor, Alexis Perney, Jackson Piper, Abigail Posar, Nolan Postolka, Morgan Rittenberger, Megan Ryan, Eric Schonauer, Danielle Shirk, Anamika Singh, Brian Sondag, Carlton Spitz, Rachel Sutor, Disha Taylor, Kylie Toronski, Sarah Turley, Jamie Welu, Connor Weyrick, Noah Weyrick, and Isabella Zak.

And congratulations to these staff members and former staff members who were recognized: Sharon Aloisi, Doug Arbuckle, Elle Barwidi, Scott Barwidi, Matt Beery, Frank Blackwell, Dan Boyle, Dave Carter, Ashley Chaffee, Regina Christy, Aaron Coleman, Laura Collins, Pam Conte, Amie Cormell, George Curcic, Josh Davis, Lori Day, Vanessa DeBoo, Ryan Edler, Goksu Kretch, Katie Kruse, Tim McKee, Barb McMichael, Dawn Monroe, Meribeth Panitto, Sarah Paris, Emily Rion, Chris Simmons, Elizabeth Snyder, Dawn Soukup, Zdenko Sulc, Endre Szentkiralyi, Steve Testa, Ken Vehar, Carolyn Victor, Karen Volin, Tom Weaver and Paul Yeager.

Business Office Projects: Summer Business Office projects focus mainly on safety and security, with some operational projects mixed in. As a reminder, Nordonia is one of two school districts in Summit County without a dedicated Permanent Improvement levy. For that reason, these projects are all being paid from the general fund.

As part of our roof maintenance cycle, the remainder of roofing at the middle school will be restored. All buildings will see asphalt patching, sealing and/or replacement, and have damaged concrete repaired. In addition, flooring will be updated in various classrooms at the high school and Ledgeview, where tile will be replaced with more functional carpet squares.

We will continue to add and maintain whiteboards at all of our buildings. As part of regular schedule, copiers will be replaced at the high school, middle school and Ledgeview Elementary. Also, some classroom furniture and cafeteria tables will be replaced at Ledgeview, Northfield and Rushwood. We will also be upgrading the sound system in the gym at Ledgeview. The playground and basketball area at Lee Eaton is set to be resurfaced. There will be numerous improvements to the gym and net systems, and outdoor athletic facilities at the middle school.

We partner with Cenergistic to help achieve maximum energy efficiency and savings in our buildings. Headed into next year, we will be utilizing some of the funds from our savings to introduce mobile classroom furniture in some of our buildings. We plan to start in our libraries and extend more mobile, modern seating and learning furniture into other student areas.

Security continues to be a priority for the district, so 10 new cameras will be installed across district buildings as additions and also replacements of old technology. In the area of transportation, Petermann will utilize data drawn from satellite tracking and the new bus tracker app to increase efficiencies and on-time performance. The majority of the bus fleet has been inspected by the State and are ready for next year. We will also be adding new special needs buses and regular buses. They will arrive later this summer, funded by Petermann.

Finally, we will have a lot of general facility and equipment maintenance and repairs to keep us busy, including a deep cleaning of all buildings, refinishing floors, and painting where needed.

Equipment and furnishings no longer used either due to technology advances or the end of useful life will be sold at auction.

Curriculum Office Projects: This upcoming school year we will continue to promote and strengthen the district’s 1:1 Chromebook program for student in grades 3-12. Over the past several years, both the curriculum and technology departments have been meeting with parents about the 1:1 initiative. Over the summer, parents should visit our technology website ( for the latest updates and the materials that they may have missed at the parent meetings.

The following dates/times are designated for parents/guardians to pick up a child’s Chromebook, sign off on documents, and have the opportunity to purchase optional Chromebook insurance. The location for each event is the Rushwood Elementary Gym.

For incoming third grade students and new students (3-12) enrolling into the district this summer:
° July 31, from 3 to 7p.m.
° August 14, from 3 to 7 p.m.

We will be able to accommodate families that have more than one child receiving a Chromebook from multiple grades on one visit. We can also renew your optional insurance on those dates for the 2017-2018 school year.

Parents do not need to schedule an appointment. They should bring the following items (found on technology website-
a. Signed Acceptable Use Policy
b. Optional insurance fee (cash or check)
c. Optional Insurance Form signed
d. Loan Agreement signed

We are continuing our plan to implement more career tech options for students in the 2017-2018 school year. This past year, we implemented at 7th grade a class called Design & Modeling. In the fall we will offer Automation & Robotics. These classes are part of the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) series. PLTW provides a transformative learning experience for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S. Students find PLTW programs relevant, inspiring, engaging, and foundational to their future success.

Technology Office Projects: This summer the Technology Department will be working with the Curriculum Department to implement the next phase of our 1:1 Chromebook program. We will be replacing Chromebooks for next year’s 8th grade students and providing Chromebooks to next year’s 3rd grade students. A total of 700 Chromebooks will be purchased to sustain our first refresh of student devices. Chromebooks being replaced will be repurposed as loaner devices and will also replace outdated devices in our K-2 Chromebook carts district-wide.

We will also be completing the final phase of our wireless upgrades. We will be upgrading 100 wireless access points throughout the district and decommissioning the outdated devices. The new access points will allow for more bandwidth and faster access to all wireless devices. Along with the network equipment, we will be installing new UPS systems in every network closet in the district. These systems will provide surge protection and battery backup capability in the event of a power outage.

In addition, our department will be phasing out the computer labs at Rushwood and Northfield Elementary. With the increased use of Chromebooks, the labs are no longer needed. This will allow the buildings to reclaim those spaces for instruction.

Lastly, with the assistance of our ITC (NEOnet), we will be completing an entire network redesign. We will be moving our network to a new IP scope and making much needed improvements to its performance. This project is being done at no cost to the district and we are looking forward to its completion!

It will be a busy summer! As always, thanks for supporting the Nordonia Schools and remember to follow me on Twitter @DrJoeClark.

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