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SUSD Energy Conservation Success

More than $1.3 million saved and EPA Energy Star certification

By Nettie Niles

Sanger Unified School District announced Tuesday that thirteen of its school sites have earned EPA’s ENERGY STAR building certification. This recognition is presented to the most energy efficient buildings in the country.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition from ENERGY STAR,” said Sanger Unified Superintendent, Marc Johnson. “Our energy conservation efforts are saving taxpayer dollars while also helping protect our local environment. Since we began partnering with Cenergistic on a serious energy conservation program we have saved $1.3 million dollars and the environmental impact is equal to taking 529 cars off the street or planting over 75,000 trees in our community. We are proud that our energy saving success is being recognized by Energy Star.”

Sanger Unified buildings earning Energy Star certification include: Centerville Elementary, Del Rey Elementary, Fairmont Elementary, Hallmark Charter School, Jackson Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, John Wash Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Lone Star Elementary, Reagan Elementary, Sequoia Elementary, Sanger Academy Charter School, and Wilson Elementary. To earn Energy Star certification, buildings must rate in the top 25 percent nationwide for energy efficiency.

The cost of utilities is the second largest budget line-item for Sanger Unified, and the prices for electricity, natural gas, heating oil and water have been steadily increasing. To combat these rising energy and utility costs, Sanger Unified entered into a partnership with Cenergistic to implement a comprehensive organizational behavior-driven energy conservation program throughout all its buildings and campuses. Cenergistic guarantees the conservation program will save taxpayer dollars. Since the program was first implemented, Sanger Unified has saved 21 percent on its energy and utility costs. Cenergistic earned the 2011 and 2012 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and was named Energy Star Partner of the Year for 2009 and 2010, validation at the highest level of their efforts in energy conservation and efficiency.

“Our students, staff and faculty embrace the energy conservation program at our campus,” said John Hannigan, Reagan Elementary Principal. His building earned one of the Energy Star certifications.

“Each of us can make a difference through energy conservation, because people use energy, buildings don’t,” Hannigan continued. “We are part of a daily effort to improve the environment and save money organization-wide. There are dozens and dozens of changes, large and small, that we have implemented that are saving energy without affecting our comfort or educational goals. We have all gained a real sense of accomplishment from this Energy Star recognition. Our students are learning, too, what it means to preserve precious natural resources.”

The energy conservation program in Sanger Unified is projected to save $7 million through the first ten years of its energy conservation program. That amount is equal to 140,000 textbooks or 125 teachers in the annual budget.

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